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​Mayflower High School marking and assessment policy states that :


Mayflower High School will employ selective marking, focusing on specific pieces of work to be marked thoroughly. The Sutton Trust indicates that “selective marking that focuses on a particular type of error have found it to be effective in helping pupils tackle those errors.” Furthermore, “no strong evidence suggests that simple acknowledgement marking (sometimes known as ‘tick and flick’) contributes to progress.”


As a result, Mayflower High School will not undertake acknowledgement marking.

Recognising that marking can take many different forms, Mayflower High School undertakes that it will ensure that students’ work will be marked regularly. Subject leaders will identify the specific pieces of work to be marked thoroughly. 

Please find below copies of the specific work pieces that each subject has designated to be marked thoroughly with a grade appropriate to the Key Stage and a comment. Any other pieces of work assessed will carry an AMIU grade or a raw mark.

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