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There are times when we experience severe or exceptional weather conditions, which make it difficult for the school to remain open, even though every effort will be made to keep the school open. In the event of bad weather conditions, including snow, you should check this website.

Parents/guardians will be informed of a school closure directly, via a Schoolcomms message. The information will be displayed on the school's Twitter feed, along with the Essex County Council website.

During any closure due to severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the school will run a program of lessons set via Google Classroom. This live content will be in place starting period 2 (10.10am)


Please click on the appropriate link below:

Mayflower High School Facebook and Twitter feeds

Essex County Council website


If you use NIBS buses to travel to and from school, it would be advisable to check their website using the link below to provide up to date information on services, particularly in the case of inclement weather:

NIBS Buses website


Announcements will be made as soon as any decision to close the school has been made.

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