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The Billericay Community Trust is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee comprising of thirteen schools in Billericay.


Through working with partners within and beyond the Trust, the BCT’s vision is to provide a collaborative approach to education that benefits all young people and the Billericay community, irrespective of ability, disability, background or upbringing.


We aim to achieve this through the following objectives; to foster / ensure:


  • Provide a forum for collaboration to sustain and develop school improvement and enrichment.

  • To ensure outcomes in all schools are at least good or outstanding. 

  • Narrow achievement gaps, especially for vulnerable groups which include those children supported via pupil premium, special educational needs and disabilities.

  • Respect each school’s individual ethos, culture, values and identity

  • Ensure the strengths of each school are identified, celebrated and shared across the partnership. 

  • Engage with the latest research based approaches to continually improve teaching and learning 

  • Work with partners to identify and develop potential leaders.

  • Share and develop expertise in curriculum areas.

  • Develop outstanding teachers through the highest quality Initial Teacher Training programmes and professional development opportunities.

  • Build cohesion, confidence and skills through networking with colleagues


A key focus for the BCT Board is monitoring the effectiveness of the actions sitting behind these objectives, as well as ensuring the ongoing financial viability of the trust for the long-term.

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