The Sixth Form offers participation in school life outside the classroom and in the wider community through social functions, providing the opportunity to take on various responsibilities and also by developing leadership potential. We encourage students to broaden their educational studies, experience higher education and explore a variety of careers by organising various trips and taster courses throughout the year.


Shoe Box Appeal

Each year the Sixth Form put all their efforts into putting together gift shoe boxes full of presents for children all over the world that might not get a present for Christmas that year. In November, a huge donation from the Sixth form was made for this fantastic charity event. Each year Students take it upon themselves to show their generosity putting together an impressive amount of boxes, packed full of games and toys that any child would be so grateful to receive.

Christmas Meal

In late November the Sixth Form kick off the festive season a little early with the Sixth Form Christmas meal at Frien Manor. Over 300 students and members of staff prepared themselves for a sparkling and exciting night with fantastic food, 5 star service and a DJ for the students to dance the night away. It is always the perfect way to begin the festive season.


Sixth Form Revue

It isn't Christmas at Mayflower until the Sixth Form Revue! A Christmas show that the Sixth Form perform to the whole school on the penultimate day of term. Each year the teachers bravely give permission for the Sixth Form students to write a show and allow the students to play them on stage. Teachers have to be careful of any catch phrases they may have, as you can guarantee they will pop up in the show! It is a huge Mayflower tradition and the teachers are always a good sport!


The students in Year 7- Year 10 really enjoy the show each year and can't wait to get to Sixth Form so they can join in!  


Red Nose Day

On Red Nose Day the students go all out in fancy dress, raise a huge amount of money for each year.

It is a great atmosphere in Sixth Form, the students love to get involved and are not afraid to laugh at themselves in aid of comic relief!


Each year Mayflower Sixth Form applies for the opportunity for two students to visit Auschwitz in Poland. Students are invited to attend conferences in London before going to Poland to learn about what went on in the camp, some are privileged to even meet and speak to survivors of the Holocaust.

Each year that students are selected to take part in this experience they come back to present a touching and powerful presentation to the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Student: "Auschwitz has been made into a museum to show people what was left behind. In one block was the possessions of all the dead prisoners of the camp. In one section of this block was a corridor, with glass walls on either side. Inside the glass was human hair. Some pieces of hair was still plaited and some still had hair clips remaining. After visiting the blocks we visited one of the gas chambers and had a chance to actually go inside it. It was very frightening and I felt lucky to be coming out alive.

Forever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, children, mainly Jews, from various Countries of Europe."

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