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It gives me great pleasure as the Headteacher of Mayflower High School to welcome you to our school.

We are a truly comprehensive, mixed school for students aged 11-19.  Our goal is to help young people achieve academic success and develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to become happy, successful adults. 

Children are talented in many different ways and it is our duty to ensure that our sportsmen and women, our musicians and our artists, are all encouraged to explore the unique nature of their interests and talents. We want to ensure that each of our students achieve success, in every way possible, and we are committed to ensuring that we achieve this goal.

Success will be achieved by all stakeholders working together in partnership, we see parents and school working in complete synergy to deliver the very best outcomes for all our students. We will challenge and support students to meet our high standards and this will ultimately help us to grow our students into the happy adults that we wish to develop.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Damian Lee

Head teacher

Click here to view/download a copy of the presentation given to parents/carers June 2023

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