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Head of Subject: Miss N Gunnell

​The History Department, collectively, have a vast amount of experience and knowledge which we have used to develop and enhance our Key Stage 3 curriculum. The department prides itself on developing key skills alongside delivering a content rich curriculum.

Subject Vision

The skills developed at KS3 help prepare students for the demands of GCSE. There is a clear ladder of progression through these skills which allows students to challenge themselves and to progress independently of each other.

Key Stage 3 Intent and Implementation

The KS3 curriculum is one that focuses on a chronological timeframe, starting with the Middle Ages in Year 7 and finishing with the Atomic Bomb in Year 9. We cover a range of historical topics that will shape students understanding of the world around them. Within these topics we consider Causation, Change, Progress, Significance, Impact and Change Over Time, to name a few. 

We regularly review our curriculum to ensure we are up to date and relevant in order to connect with events occurring around the world today, as well as representing the experiences of minority groups, women and LBGTQ+ groups. 

​Year 7

Battle of Hastings

How does William the Conqueror consolidate his power?

Thomas Becket

King John and the Magna Carta

The Black Death

The Peasants Revolt

Islamic Civilisations

The early Tudor period

YEAR 7 TRIP: The Tower of London

​Year 8

Elizabethan England and the Spanish Armada

The rule of James I and the Gunpowder Plot

The English Civil War 

17th Century Society

The Industrial Revolution

The British Empire

Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement

Women’s campaign for Suffrage

YEAR 8 TRIP: Museum of London Docklands (Slavery)

Year 9

Causes, events and consequences of World War I

Interwar Period

Causes and events of World War II

The Holocaust

The Atomic Bomb

YEAR 9 TRIP: Ypres, Belgium (World War I Battlefields)

Key Stage 4 Intent and Implementation

History -- GCSE


This is a brand new GCSE that combines the elements of the old courses and builds upon the students experiences from Key Stage 3. The course comprises four topics covered in three Examination papers.

Unit 1 British Thematic Study with Historic Environment - Medicine in Britain 1250 – present with a study of The British sector of the Western Front: injuries treatment and the trenches.

This covers the developments in medicine from Medieval England to the present covering the developments through the Medical Renaissance and Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries to consider the impact of technology today. This is combined with a case study of medical care in World War One on the Western Front

Unit 2 Period Study - The American West c1835 – c1895

This explores the development of the American West from the culture of the Plains Indians to their defeat and placement on reservations. This will also look at the homesteaders; cowboys and cattlemen; the issue of law and order and how the so called ‘Wild West was settled.

Unit 3 British Depth Study - Early Elizabethan England 1588 – 1588

This will look at the accession of Elizabeth and her establishment of her government and the settling of religion. Then, focus will switch to the series of plots and the worsening relations with Spain leading to the Spanish Armada. Finally, focus will switch to exploration and colonisation; the nature of culture and education and then reflect on the problems with poverty

Unit 4 Modern Depth Study - Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939

This unit looks at the problems of Germany after World War One and how the Weimar Republic developed up until the depression. Then focus switches to look at the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party and how he gained power. The final focus is on the way in which life in Germany changed under Nazi rule.


Paper 1 (1 Hour 15 minutes)

Medicine in Britain c1250 to present + Medicine on the Western Front in WWI                 30%

Paper 2 (1 Hour 45 minutes)

The American West c1835 – c1895 + Early Elizabethan England 1558 – 1588                  40%

Paper 3 (1 Hour 20 minutes)

Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918 – 1939                                                                             30%

EXAM BOARD: Edexcel 1H10


For further details, please click on the link below:

Edexcel GCSE History 

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