Dyslexia Centre

The Dyslexia Centre admits up to four students each year.  Students are chosen by the Local Education Authority from those who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs for persistent literacy difficulty (formerly known as Dyslexia).  The Centre caters for a maximum of twenty students in Years 7 to11.  Students from the Centre are able to enter the Sixth Form at Mayflower if they have the necessary qualifications and they continue to receive support as appropriate.  We are based in Room 11 of the Progress Centre.


The teaching staff are Mrs C Thorogood, Head of Centre and Mrs S Gard.  Both teachers hold a specialist qualification in the teaching of students with specific learning difficulties.  We have six Teaching Assistants who provide both in-class support and work 1:1 with students: Mrs Scamell, Mrs Gell, Mrs Adams, Mr Clarke, Miss Hughes and Mr Toms.


Students follow the normal school timetable with support from Dyslexia Centre staff and they are withdrawn for 6/7 lessons a week to follow a structured, multisensory literacy programme in Years 7 and 8.  They are also given help in this time with memory technique study skills, numeracy and IT skills.  The students may be taught in small groups or individually as appropriate.  They are withdrawn from English and Modern Foreign Languages (“MFL”) in Year 7 and 8.  In years 9 to 11 an individual timetable is drawn up with negotiation of subjects from which to be withdrawn.  The students continue to be withdrawn from MFL and return to mainstream English lessons with the support of a staff member from the Centre.  The students are all part of one tutor group and it is the intention that they are fully integrated into the life of the school.  Targets are set for each student and progress is reviewed termly with parents.


The Centre plays a role in providing training and resources for the whole staff on dyslexia and associated learning difficulties.

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Headteacher : Mr L Brumby

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