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Student Digital Leaders


The Digital Leaders are a group of students from year 7 to 11 who have been fully trained in the world of online safety. They hold regular assemblies and go to local primary schools to educate others on how to be safe online. The Digital Leaders also hold regular drop in sessions for students to come and ask for advice as well as giving support to peers on a 1:! basis. They are led by Miss McDowell who is a Safer Schools Ambassador and the E-safety Coordinator for Mayflower. The aim for the Digital Leaders is to Educate and Empower students to make the right decisions when online but if they need any support, then someone is available to guide them.



How can I keep myself safe on Social Media

The following documents are short checklists to help you ensure that your social media profiles are private and safe

In addition please look at the following guide from GoCompare which gives some guidance on setting up parental controls on some common household broadband providers.

Safer Schools Digital App

The "Safer schools" App is designed to support and protect children when going online. It has the most up to date information when it comes to online safety, gaming and mental health issues. Whether you are a parent or carer the information could help support you and your child when going online. The app has features to listen to the text, complete surveys and have notification to tips, advice and guidance on how to ensure your child is being safe.


To download the app, go to your app store and search for “Safer Schools” it is free to download.

When you have logged in enable push notifications and receive alerts to keep up to date. Each week there is a new 60 second video with information about social media in the news and current trends.


Depending on the age of the user it has a number of different pins: 

  • for a parent or carer is 7675.

  • for KS3 students is 3447.

  • for KS4 students is 4898.

  • for KS5 student is 1544.

On this app is the ability to complete certificates to show that you are qualified on being safe online. All you need to do is complete the Digital tests. 



As a school we aim to educate and empower students to make the right decision when using any online accounts. 

The following poster, designed by our own student Digital Leaders is displayed around the school site, with QR codes to allow students quick access to sites for information or direct access to advice and guidance as and when they might need it.

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