Here you will be able to find information specifically pertaining to parents of students at Mayflower High School.

This includes information about how we report attendance, behavior and attainment as well as how to access our virtual parents evening system


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Homework for students is set via Google Classroom.

Students have a log in for this platform which they are made aware of when they start the school. Google Classroom is accessible via a laptop/desktop computer, or a mobile device (apps are available for both Apple and Android devices)

Google Classroom has no parental log ins and you are unable to request one from the school office.

The school provides a homework calendar for the academic year, and students can log into Google Classroom at home in order that you can see work is being completed.


Your child's form tutor should be the first point of contact with the school.

Beyond that the key contacts for KS3 and 4 are outlined below.

KS3 Head of Year/Year Manager

Year 7  - Mr R Harvey

Year 8 - Mrs Z Pierce

Year 9 - Miss J Gregory

KS4 Year Manager

Year 10 - Mrs B Wooley

Year 11 - Mr N Feltimo