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Head of Subject: Mrs J Dulake

Business is a course only offered as an option starting at KS4.

“Many young people will seek work in industry and commerce. If they are to add value effectively, they need to understand the origins of wealth -creation and be familiar with the concepts and application of business and economics. Business literacy and numeracy are growing in importance and young people are increasingly becoming involved in the management of enterprise.”

Subject Vision

Our aim is to help students understand and engage with the increasingly complex business world in which we live and to enable them to become informed and confident consumers, employees and entrepreneurs. We aim to prepare our students to be tomorrow’s citizens, equipped and able to be successful at anytime, anywhere, any place and to become independent life-long learners.

The Business curriculum will equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop
their employability and identify business problems and opportunities.

Whilst studying GCSE Business (AQA 8132) you will be introduced to the real world of business and how businesses work.

Key Stage 3 Intent and Implementation

Business is not offered at KS3

Key Stage 4 Intent and Implementation


These are the units that will be covered:

  • Business and the real world - The purpose of business activity, the role of business enterprise and entrepreneurship, and the dynamic nature of business.

  • Influences on business - The importance of external influences on business and how businesses change in response to these influences

  • Business operations – Production methods, customer services, procurement and quality control

  • Human resources – Organisation structures, recruitment, motivation and training methods

  • Marketing – Customer needs, segmentation, market research and the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place)

  • Finance – Sources of finance, cash flow, financial terms and calculations, analysing financial performance

Assessment Methods

Paper 1 (50%) 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • Business and the real world

  • Influences on business

  • Business operations

  • Human resources

Paper 2 (50%) 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • Business and the real world

  • Influences on business

  • Marketing

  • Finance



For further details, please click on the link below:

AQA GCSE Business Studies 

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