Mayflower High School Sixth Form Dress Code from September 2018

Mayflower believes that the Sixth Form should project a productive and comfortable atmosphere that reflects the school ethos of success and opportunity for all. The revised dress code was designed in consultation with the Sixth Form Council to raise expectations whilst being fit for purpose, affordable and not too restrictive as to hinder individuality.


General Dress Code for all Sixth Form Students:


Blouses, Shirts and Jumpers

  • Collard shirts, polo shirts, tailored smart tops or blouses that cover the shoulders and midriff. Tops must not be low cut.


(Large or inappropriate logos, spaghetti straps, halter neck tops, strapless tops, tops made of sheer material or sports attire are not permitted).

  • Jumpers, roll necks and cardigans.

(Hoodies are not permitted unless they are the official Mayflower leavers' hoodies).

Trousers, Chinos and Skirts

  • Tailored trousers or chinos.

(Leggings, denim, combats, shorts and untailored three quarter-length trousers are not permitted).

  • Tailored skirts or dresses that must be of an appropriate length for a school environment.

(Skirts or dresses shorter than mid-thigh, play suits or garments made of lycra are not permitted).


  • Formal footwear such as shoes, boots, boat shoes or sandals with a strap around the heel.

(Trainers, sneakers, heels higher than 5 cm and flip flops are not permitted).

  • Hair should be of natural colour, small earrings (up to two earrings per ear) and nasal studs (less than 0.5 cm in diameter).

(Extremes of hair colour or hair style, loop earrings or nasal rings, nasal studs of more than 0.5 cm in diameter, other piercings, flesh tunnels, visible tattoos or extremes of makeup are not permitted).

Outdoor Wear

  • Outdoor wear such as coats, jackets, hats, gloves and scarves must be removed once in the school building.

(Large or inappropriate logos and fur are not permitted).


Mayflower High School reserves the right to act as the final authority in the implementation of the dress code.  If unsure, parents/carers and students are advised to contact the Sixth Form Office before purchasing a garment for school wear or before considering an extreme change in hairstyle or colour.  Students not adhering to the dress code may be sent home to change.

© 2018 Mayflower High School

Headteacher : Mr L Brumby