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Teaching, Learning and Assessment

At Mayflower High School, high-quality Teaching and Learning is the single most important thing that we do.

We believe in success and opportunity for all students, that all students can be exceptional regardless of their starting points. Our teaching and learning strategy is underpinned by research so that it is impactful and powerful in the classroom. We have a clear set of principles which support the development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary alongside creative and imaginative thinking.

Teaching and Learning Priorities

Embedding a knowledge rich, skills based curriculum:
We have opted to embed the principals outlined by Rosenshine as the basis for ensuring that our students are regularly exposed to reviewing of material, suitable depth of questioning, modelling and sequencing of new concepts, and independent practice.

Disciplinary literacy:
Embed the research of the EEF, Quigley and Mortimore across all subject areas, by giving opportunities for students to be exposed to both subject specific (disciplinary literacy) and explicit examination based vocabulary and texts.

Curricular coaching:
We are working to embed curricular coaching and inquiry/action research questions into our PDR process. We are going to be using the ASAP (Appreciation, scrutiny, Action, Practice and planning) model.

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