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As change to the skirt is being introduced to improve the current standard of uniform being worn by students in the school, particularly by our female students, and to ensure that our students are comfortable in school as well as ensuring high standards and consistency. We believe our uniform should instil a sense of identity, pride and belonging. The students of the School Council unanimously agreed on a new style of skirt that incorporates a school emblem on the waist band. They are very proud of the design and hope students will feel proud wearing the new skirt.


This skirt is available in differing sizes and lengths to ensure that it meets the school requirement of knee length. All school uniform from January 2019, including Physical Education clothing, ties and badges can be purchased from Schoolwear Centres, located at their Basildon Shop, 203 Timberlog Lane, Basildon, Near Vange and also by visiting their website Schoolwear Centres will also be arranging a pop up shop at the school, more details of the dates and times will follow in the new year.


The new school skirt can be worn for the Spring and Summer Terms 2019 as an alternative to the current straight skirt. Please note that from September 2019 the new skirt must be worn as part of the Mayflower High School uniform. The straight skirt will not be permitted from the start of the new academic year, September 2019.


Please be aware that the design of the school trousers and other items of uniform will not change.


Please note that other than PE items which are listed as being for specific sports or games, we do not have a separate summer or winter uniform, and all items of uniform can be worn all year round.



  1. Black blazer with school badge*

  2. Plain, black, tailored trousers

  3. Bootleg, flared, jeans and tight fitting styles are not allowed

  4. Plain white polyester/cotton shirt of a traditional style long or short-sleeved (not a blouse)

  5. Black, knee-length skirt with school badge (available from Schoolwear Centres only)

  6. Mayflower High School tie in Year colour

  7. Plain ankle socks, black.  Natural or black tights.  Patterned tights are not acceptable

  8. Plain black formal style shoes.  Boots, trainers or trainer-style shoes are not allowed

  9. Plain black formal style closed shoes, with heels no more than 5cm high at the back of heel.  Boots, trainers or trainer-style shoes are not allowed

  10. Plain black V-necked collarless sweater (optional). Cardigans are not allowed

*Please note this is a traditional school blazer with patch pocket style and no other jacket is suitable.  If there is any doubt, a sample is always available at school




Choice of outdoor wear is left to parents; it should be smart and appropriate.  Denim jackets should not be worn.  Hooded tops, tracksuit tops, or other styles of leisurewear are not considered appropriate and should not be brought to school.  Caps are not allowed in school.  If a scarf is worn it must be plain black.  Students are not to wear their outdoor garments, such as coats, scarves, gloves and hats inside school buildings.




Protective clothing may be needed for Art, Design Technology and Science.  Often an old shirt will suffice and detailed advice will be given to students in the appropriate lessons.




Make-up is not allowed for students in Years 7-9 but a little may be worn by students in Year 10 and upwards, provided it is discreet and unobtrusive.  Nail varnish, false nails and false eyelashes are not allowed.




No jewellery is allowed for students in Years 7-11 apart from watches.  For those with pierced ears a single small stud of no more than 5mm in diameter is acceptable. 

No facial piercing, including tongue piercing, or ear flesh tunnels are allowed.  Bracelets are not allowed.  The School and Governors do not accept any responsibility for missing items.  It would be wise for students not to bring valuables to school on days when they have PE.  Staff cannot accept any responsibility for items lost during PE lessons.




Hairstyle should be appropriate for school: neither excessively long nor exceptionally short.  A “Number 2” haircut is the shortest acceptable.  No designs are permitted and should the colour be changed it must reflect a ‘natural’ colour.  Brightly coloured streaks and unnatural colours are not allowed and long hair must be tied back.  Safety is a consideration that students and parents must consider.


Please contact the school before allowing your child to have a new hairstyle, if you are unsure of acceptability.



All students should be in possession of the following PE kit:



Red polo shirt with school emblem

Red sweatshirt with school emblem (for outdoor fitness and netball)

Plain black shorts

Plain black full length sports leggings – must not be fashion leggings (optional)

Plain black tracksuit/jogging bottoms (optional)

Black or red thermal long sleeve top (optional)

White over the ankle sports socks

Sports trainers


Rugby and Football Lessons


Rugby Jersey - red reversible

Gum shields

Shin pads

Plain red football socks

Black/navy beanie hat/headband and gloves

Football boots (not Astroturf trainers)



Black/navy swimming trunks/shorts/jammers

Plain black/navy one-piece swimming costume

Swimming hat (any colour)


Microfibre swimming towel (recommended)


Uniform and PE kit, school ties and badges are provided by Schoolwear Centres, 203 Timberlog Lane, Basildon SS14 1PB - or telephone 01268 952074



Please note that all items of uniform and PE kit must be clearly labelled with student’s name and Tutor Group.

We expect our students to be responsible for their own belongings and the School does not accept any responsibility for any items of clothing, money or personal equipment which has been lost, stolen, mislaid or left unattended in the school.

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