Below is a simple embedded version of the calendars for all year groups in month view format

By default you can see all events from all year groups, but using the drop down arrow on the top right of the calendar you can filter out the year groups you do not want to see. You can then view and add individual events to your personal calendar.

Under the main calendar you have the option to view and add entire calendars for a year group of your choosing.

For each year you have 3 options to access each:


1- Open the calendar in a web browser. This is the most basic method and will open a simplified version of the calendar within a web browser of your choice

2- Open the calendar in your Google Calendar. This requires you to have a Google account and will allow you to view the calendar within Google Calendar and add events to your personal calendar

3-Download the calendar in iCal format which will allow you to import, open and view the calendar in any other calendar application you might use (such as Outlook)


We recommend option 2 or 3