Mayflower High School believes that homework is an important integral part of a student's education.  We are very keen to involve parents and students fully in this process. Research shows that parental interest and involvement in a student's learning and education is more important than anything else in helping that child fulfil his or her potential.

We have drawn up some information, which we hope will prove useful in this regard.

Homework Club

The Homework Club will be open to all students every Tuesday and Thursday in the Library.  Students will be able to complete any homework task with the support of Teaching Assistants and with access to all the resources that the Library has to offer.

Show My Homework

To enhance further the home/school partnership and ensure that parents can continue to support their children with work completed outside the classroom, Mayflower High School makes use of Show My Homework as an online tool for the recording and accessing of homework tasks.


This platform can be accessed by clicking on the Show My Homework icon on the front page of the school's website or by clicking on the link below: 

Show My Homework

GCSE Extended Learning Tasks

Completing extended learning tasks outside of lessons will earn you extra merits from the History department. Each year group has a personalised set of tasks, as well as recommended books linked to our curriculum. Please speak to your history teacher for more information.


These tasks are optional

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